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Valtournenche Rascard

April 20, 2010

One of the beauties of Zermatt is that it is connected to Cervinia.  So, when you have exhausted the joys of Zermatt’s many fine mountain restaurants and pistes you can try Cervinia’s.  There is also the rather handy side benefit that the run down to Valtournenche is the highest pisted vertical drop in the alps so the skiing to get there, both on and off-piste, is more than sufficient to stimulate the necessary appetite.  And, trust me, you do need to stimulate the appetite if you are to do one of my favourite restaurants, Rascard, justice.

Getting to Rascard does take just a little planning since it is a little distance from the end of the piste.  However, handily, the restaurant provides transport to pick you up and take you on the five minute drive to the restaurant.  You just need to call them in advance and it’s provided free if you book at the restaurant.

Last Sunday, I took a party of 16 to sample the fixed menu, twenty course (yes, you did read that correctly and no, it IS correct) lunch WITH wine !

It was one of those magical days that Zermatt/Cervinia regularly throws up late in the season.  The spring snow off-piste was the kind that flatters with a firm-ish base but powdery surface.  The sun shone strongly but it was still not unpleasantly hot and, until we dropped below 2000 metres, not at all slushy.

Lunch arrives with a smile

Rascard does, as I already mentioned, a fixed menu for an amazing 50CHF.  As a result there is no hassle with menus and, when you arrive, the table is set and the starters arrive almost immediately.  In this case, they were wonderfully prepared fresh anchovies with fresh bread.

A long and leisurely lunch proceeded, finished with a very good Genepy and coffee.  Whilst official advice regarding the consumption of alcohol and exercise is, undoubtedly, right I find that post-prandial skiing is a unique pleasure.  And, the undoubted benefit that it has on the nervous is marked !


Here we go !

March 9, 2010

A beautiful day in ZermattThe Gourmet Ski Guide has arrived on the web.

Donald Scott will take you by the hand on a guided tour of Zermatt’s many Michelin-rated slope-side restaurants to help you contemplate the virtues of a long liquid lunch.

The opportunity to slow down in the modern world is a precious gift.

Donald has been living in Zermatt since forever and is as skilled booking the right hut in light of  the  weather forecast, as he is picking the right wine according to your taste and purse.

We will be updating the blog regularly so that clients, guests and friends can more fully appreciate all that Zermatt has to offer.